Reaching Indie Game Quality Book is Out!

Tired of Creating Low Quality Games?

You've got the skill, you've got the passion. What separates a student quality game from an Indie quality game? If you've always wanted to make a game that stands out, this book is here to teach you and help you with what is holding you back.

  • Shift your game development priorities to make everything change.
  • How exactly do you work on a game with friends?
  • Just how do you get your game funded?


Q: How do I buy it?

Look at the top of this page. See a download link? Click on it. It will take you to an Amazon page. Just click the buy now and proceed to the checkout.

Q: How much will this book cost?

I'm pricing it 8 dollars.   Extremely affordable, and although perhaps not as warm as me personally being there, but I have ensured it's a great source on answering your questions, and help bring your game to "Indie Quality".

Q: What if I Forgot Something?

Same thing that happens if there's a bug in a game.  I patch it!  Seriously, even though I did my best to ensure the information here is relevant to what you need, I can upload revisions, and if you've purchased the book off Amazon you'll be able to download any revision for free. That's MINOR revisions though.  

Q: Do I Need Amazon to read it?

I've just added the option to buy a PDF off GumRoad as well. So nope. You definitely don't need amazon to read it.