Friday, February 26, 2016

Book - Reaching Indie Quality out Now!

I've released a book:

So here's a brief breakdown on some of the content you'll get in the book:

  • What to Prioritize - How the weight of your time should be spent, and the right questions to find out.
  • What to do if you Require Funding - Where to look if you need some more money for your project.
  • Creating Games with Friends - Exploring the double edge sword of making games with friends.
I've took a look at a number of game design books out there and I wanted to cover both something they didn't. People get caught on the prioritization all the time, and the worst part is it's very hard to know when you "have done enough." I draw distinct lines with some simple questions. Funding is ever relevant, and it's another question or concern I get all the time. You honestly don't always need it. But when you do, where can you look?

Finally one of my students reminded me of a very important topic I nearly omitted. What to do when trying to make games with friends. It's a tricky topic and thanks to him it gets an extra section. Click here (or on the picture to learn more.)

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