Monday, February 24, 2014

Unity Publishing Sponsorship + Ad Revenue

So where do you go to publish your unity game and get some money?

Turns out there's a few places.  I found a list of websites that will publish unity games.  I thought I'd republish it here after I checked out each one and got some more information on them.    I'll keep this updated as time goes on and I'll be linking back to this page in future posts.

In general I've found those who do sponsor are very secretive about the amounts.  In general for an average flash game that you or a small team make in a month or two, you should expect an offering of a couple thousand dollars for sponsorship for a web portal site.

Larger games on larger platforms can get much more of course.  But this is all about pitching the product to investors and making sure your concept works well.

Other sites you'll get ad revenue.  This is very difficult to pin down.  It will usually be a portion of revenue from their ads.  (The ads THEY run not the ones you do.)   Going by kongregate, this amount is low.  So if your game gets 1000 views, expect to get $1.  And don't expect any payout until you reach their minimum which is often $50-$100.  That can kill you right there.

Comment below if you know of something I've missed.

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