Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's make a game!

So I have a group of students about to start their final projects, and I figured I'd do something simple at the same time to show the process you have to go through.

Click here to see the project board.

I'll post up the design doc and trello boards shortly.  I'll also be posting up screens of the process and possibly some videos.

I will NOT be posting up the complete code for the game.

Why?  Two reasons:

  1. The first is the goal of this is to teach.  You learn by doing, I'm sure you already know how to download a game.  
  2. Second there is some proprietary information with a full game release I can't give out.  Not so much the source code, but either private art, or my user information required ads.

Don't worry, I will release most of the source.  You should be able to recreate it, or something very close to it fairly easily.

I'll be releasing this April 2nd on Kongregate
(And possibly on android as well.)

Now, I don't propose I'm any sort of final authority on the matter.  In fact as you look at game development you'll notice nearly every studio, and every designer has their own method.  Many aspects are similar and I'll try to cover those.   Also any design process can be improved (this is the entire point of a post mortem.)  this includes mine.   Let me know if there's anything you see I can do to sharpen my process.

Call to Action

So I'm dong this, my students are creating their games.  Why not you too? 

Create a board in trello.  Lay it out as I did with those columns and start filling in the same sort of tasks for you to do.  Make your game concept short.  I mean atari 1983 game short.  The point is to get the process down.

If you want a very good tutorial on how to get use Trello.  Check this one out here.

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