Saturday, January 25, 2014

Guru Individual Student Projects 2013

So my students from Guru Digital Arts, the school I have been consulting at, have finished their individual game assignments.  They've been posted and published to the game portal site,

So these games are the result of individual students with no previous experience with Unity, no previous programming experience, and just starting to learn the in's and out's of game design.  All this they learned and did in a period of 2 months.  I'd say these are very solid first games.   I encourage you to check each of them out.  You may need to download the unity player for Mac or Windows.  

Void Mechanics - Space Shooter

Lights - 1st Person Survival Horror

Fisticuffs Factory - Beat-em-up Side Scroller

Citadel of Hope - Top Down Adventure

Drone Smasher - Side view Survival

Venture Vandal - 1st Shooter


Twisted World - 1st Person Exploration

If you have an account on Kongregate, please give them a star rating too.

The toughest lesson here is working within a deadline.  If you've never tried to create a game within a set amount of time, you pretty much have to have the game completed early enough to have at a couple months of polish time.   Managing your time, learning what to cut and what to keep is constantly the task that gives developers the most trouble.

Later they'll be doing group projects, I'll be posting those as well.

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