Wednesday, January 8, 2014

GURU and good news for you!

I've been teaching game design as a consultant at GURU Digital Arts in Edmonton for the past couple months now.  And although I do still have some projects in the works, all this time I've also been collecting what I've learned and what I've done and I'm pleased to both share it with you as I am with the students at GURU.

What I'm giving you will be snippets of Unity code.  And I'm going to focus this blog around 3 things:

This doesn't mean I'll be producing non stop
RPGs in Unity, it simply means this will be the 3 main areas of focus.  I've learned a lot, and I'd really like to share what I've learned.

One last very important thing:

MOST of this content will be completely free.   And when I say "completely free" I mean you can not only download and use this stuff for free, but you can also use it for commercial purposes without my consent.  I would like to be added into your credits if you do, but even that isn't strictly necessary.  It's yours to use and share.

In the future I do plan to release some content that is NOT free.  But once you buy that content, it's yours to use just as above, except for the sharing part.   There will be far more free stuff than there will be pay for stuff.   And I'm working to ensure both are of high value.  I'm not going to be hiding all the best stuff for paying people either. 

I'll also be using affiliate links for relevant products.  If you don't know what these are, these are hyperlinks to buying something online.  If you buy something, I get a very small commission from it.   For you, there is absolutely no difference from going to the store yourself to buy it.  There's no markup for you.  In fact, sometimes there may even be discounts.

So even though I'll be giving away lots of free stuff, why charge for anything?  Because I'm practising what I'm preaching in terms of monetization.  This isn't going to earn me tons of money, and I'll be happy if it even pays for itself.  So it's going towards subsistence.

For you guys as game designs I'll always encourage the same thing. If you love making games I'll always push you to ensure make enough money to pay for your meagre rent, electricity, internet, and some bowls of instant noodles to keep you fed and keep you subsisting and doing what you love to do.

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