Friday, September 21, 2012


I'll have to take a hiatus to earn some money for future projects.


Well I've created Weirding Wood, done a large venture on Dots, and finally put out RPG Trek.   Dots wasn't completed, it's been sitting on the last 90% mark, which means the polish is left.  Unfortunately the polish requires 90% of the work to really shine.   This is a project that suffered and suffered some more from feature creep.

It boils down to this.  I can't guarantee revenue from the apps/games will allow me to cover basic living expenses.

Like all people I need money to eat, have shelter, electricity and whatnot.  I haven't really taken vacations and if I'm really lucky I buy a $60 game every 5 months or so.  I'd like to think I'm fairly frugal.  The revenue so far has been abyssmal.   I could likely get more begging on the streets for a day than I have for a month of work.   (Not a good sign)

So I have to go back and try some other types of work, to ensure proper income is first maintained.  After that I'll be designing in my spare time and likely outsourcing some apps.   This is the way of the entrepreneur, and I'm still sure I want to do this.

In short I'll be gone for a while but I'll once righted I'll be back doing this again and let you know what the next project is!

- Mark

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  1. Well, it's very sad to hear about your situation, but I see a lot of developers doing other things like working in a warehouse, bakery to support themselves and their projects, I am too, trying to do games, but I work in a warehouse picking boxes nine hours every day, and almost doesn't have a proper time to develop, I use my weekends and everyday in the night when I came back from work about 3 hours before go to bed, to learn and continue with my projects. Make games it's hard, require a lot of dedication and sacrifices, when you finish your game, people say it's no good enough, which require a very special kind of mindset to no get crazy by the comments. Developers only now when they begin but doesn't know when they are going to finish, friends and family leave you alone because you work too much in your projects, I am pretty sure you know all of this already and much.. much.. more, I am looking forward to read more about you in the future, good luck.


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