Monday, April 2, 2012

End of March

It's been a month, so lets give you an update on how things are going.

  • Editor - 110% Done Extra work for bug fixes, features, and usability
  • Feature Completion - 70% done
  • Prototype - 25% Done
  • Game/Premium Content - 5% Done
  • Android / iPhone Testing - 0% Done

Lets answer the main question here:

Why is it taking so long?

Short answer: Feature creep, bad estimations from learning engine, emphasis on unique experience.

Longer answer: I'm pouring through this and asking myself the following questions:

Is this comparable to other iPhone/Android games that are from $1-2?
It's getting pretty close here.

Is the experience unique enough?
No, not yet. So what has to be done? More immersion has to be implemented. And thats one of the trickiest parts.

There's always back and forth cleaning up code and restructuring. It comes from "I had no idea you could do it that way" when you first start some new coding system/engine. And if it gets too messy you pretty much have to clean things up.

For any would be designers, just understand that you'll write messy code. Thats fine. Because you'll rewrite it, often again and again.

I'm going to stop guessing on release time. I'm still keeping pretty harsh times myself, but I'm really tired of saying something and not having it turn out in terms of time.

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  1. One or 2 dollars games can be any kind of game. For example Weirding Wood - First Mile its free for PC; but this game easily fit between 1 or 2 dollars games on Iphone or Android.


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