Monday, April 30, 2012

End of April

So time is flying past (for me.)  And it's been nothing but more systems work.  This is continual payment for three things:

  • Starting off with new engine (learning)
  • No previous code base
  • Feature Creep
The good news is I don't plan to start from scratch again anytime soon.  After Dots, whatever I do will either be based off dots or Weirding Wood.  That should kill at least two of those top items.

The third one is something I think all developers struggle with. I want a unique and fun experience for people.  That takes a lot of coding of systems to make that work.  As a personal goal, I put out Weirding Wood as a more generic "test the waters" title. I'd like to do more than that this time.

I'll pick up an Android this month to do some development testing on as well.  It's still going to be a while.

I have to admit it did make me feel better to see Monster's Den Chronicles released this month.  The developer had originally intended release for 2009.  I suspect it's not only from it's engine revamp but due to the complex nature of testing and creating content for RPGs.

So just a progress update. There's no release date set for dots yet.


  1. How can I see a screenshot of DOTS?

    1. You can't just yet. I've been doing systems work and so things are a buggy mess. I don't mind showing pre-art work but you'll have to wait until later on this month. If the build gets stable enough I'll take a screenshot and post it.


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