Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon

Well not technically yet, but since I promised myself a one week video game vacation. What better game to ring in this year than Skyrim?

Those that know me know I really don't get a chance to play console games that much anymore. RPGs are definitely out unfortunately. The games I love the most simply take too much time to play. The last major RPG I played was Oblivion that I somehow managed to play after work during work on Dragon Age: Origins at BioWare. And that was straight through the main plot with next to no distractions. A sin with a game that is all about the distractions.

I did much better with Skyrim, and it's a fantastically constructed game. Bethesda still has some issues with a flat end gameplay, but that should in no way take away from the sheer scope and wonder of this game. It's a fantastic game. I also got a chance to play through Batman, Arkham City. I ran through that one as well and did 4-5 of the side missions. Within that same week. (Yes I play games like a madman.) Fantastic game as well. But I've taken too much time with this already.

January's Plans

With the numbers as they were I have to put 2nd Mile on hold for now. I had to take a long hard look at what to do. And here's the resulting decisions.

  • I'm tentatively working on another project that has a wider scale appeal. I'll be looking at Unity for now to see how easy/feasable it is to do it in that engine. If not I may move back to flash. But I would like to push this for mobile. I have to have a working prototype by the end of the month. With a full working game available at the end of February.

Thats my defacto action, but I have a few things in the background that may usurp things.

  • I'm looking to team up with others. I'm looking for a good fit both ways. If I do team up, the previous plans will be halted.
  • I'm cursorily looking for game design work in Asia (although not in mainland China or India.) I'm just putting out feelers here. The prospects of video gaming in Asia excites me. Where as the prospects in North America scares me. I'll just be contacting a few recruiters. I don't seriously expect anything from this yet.

So thats that. Hope everyone had a great holiday break!

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