Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November! Are we there yet?

Yes, it's close. I've finally gotten the game to that point where everything could be shipped, but there was progression elements I wanted to add in.

So after ALL this, this game will blow your socks off and be the best thing ever right?

Well of course not. What I'm aiming for initially is "decent" as in 3 out of 5 stars. This is another important lesson for me as well. Even though not making something the most absolute fun you can is a cardinal sin for a game designer, forever delaying the shipping of a game is an even bigger mistake for a game developer. So as I said initially I plan to create and constantly improve on games. That certainly includes the fun aspects.

So right now I'm finishing up some progression elements. That should take me up until the end of the week. Then there's testing for another week and hopefully then it should be released.

There's a laundry list of other things I'd like to put in or get done, but a lot of those will have to wait. Also if you play it, I'd love to hear your feedback on what is good and what isn't. Remember stating the stuff you like is just as important as the stuff you don't. Mainly because when someone says "something sucks" well games get changed. And because everything is interconnected other things you may have liked get changed too. Designers just let it fly unless we know it's popular. The more specific you are, the better too.

Thats it for now. I'll post again when I'm doing the testing phase.

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