Friday, October 14, 2011

Weirding Wood

So a number of things have happened, lets go over them shall we?

Reclaimate deferred, Weirding Wood soon

It was taking simply too long to get all this done, so after talking to a friend, he suggested cutting the core of the game down to something even more basic. An arena like format where you simply battle wave after wave until the end. I agreed. So the original plan to do Reclaimate isn't over, but instead, before the month is over I hope to have "Weirding Wood" finished.

The aligns with the goal to create a "base" and then keep building on it and creating better games with it. Its unfortunate that the first game isn't as robust as I would have liked, but it's what has to happen.

My original goal was to "Be able to earn enough stable money to pay my living expenses while working on my games for 30+ hours a week from home."

That still and always applies. To make that happen I need some games out to of course bring in some revenue. And lets face it, I'm well past the deadline. So while I care about getting something out there that is fun, I have to get something out there.

It's a conflicting feeling. As a game designer it's somewhat disheartening to not make something as fun as you'd like. As an entrepreneur it's a great feeling putting out your first "thing" that you know can earn some money. Because you can always improve on what you've done. Right now I have to side with the latter.

I also decided I need to find some programming help. This is ongoing. It can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.

Thats it for now. I'll certainly message again before release!

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