Monday, September 5, 2011

Reclaimate Re-art

So I'd like to show you some before and after pics with how the art looked before and how it looks now.

And that was only part 1! Now is looking more like this:

As I said before it's all starting to come together. There's so much more work that has to be done even with a very basic engine it kind of boggles my mind. All the same the finish line is in sight.

I'm using excel currently to track both my full "todo list" and the estimated hours for each task. I'm now keeping track of how much time I assign to each task and how much time it actually takes. I need to get better at estimating this stuff. I'm not going to be publishing a release time (this time) until I'm literally just about done.

The final music is almost in as well. I'm using a composer who goes by the name Nemesis Theory. You can see her work here.

Both her and my artist Brennan have been a wonder to work with, not to mention the added help and support from my wife Jinnee.

We are getting there. And it's looking a lot better.

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