Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reclaimate Wk 3 Tasks

First, I want to say I've found someone to help with with some of the art. He's an artist I went to Vancouver Film school with a while back and he did an excellent job helping on my final project back than. I was super pleased to have his help back then, as I am now.

His name is Brennan Massicotte.

Here's a link to his CG Portfolio
And one more to his deviant Art gallery

Here's the concept of the nameless hero he's done for Reclaimate:

He won't be doing art for the entire game, just the game screens. I think his work is excellent. Check out the links if you get the chance.

Task List

Onto the task list for this week. Well it's big. And the major goal is to get major features in, and getting the game fun. Already yesterday, tackling the controls I think I've done a good job so far, but there's lots to go.

  • Controls Fixed
    • Can attack multiple times without being unable to att anymore - DONE
    • Can go direction and not get stuck going in same direction
    • "Slide" against walls - DONE
    • Circle collision - DONE
  • Weapon combos
    • Hit Stun
  • Weapon Inventory Screen
  • Pick up new weapon
  • Path Finding
  • Triggers
  • Wave system
  • Creatures
    • Rough art
    • All moves in
    • All AI states in
    • Drop essence
  • Wall Tiling - Walls looking different based on surrounding walls.
  • Do a count of all artwork needed
  • Sound Hooks
    • Sound class with list of items - DONE
    • Actual sound hooks in everything
  • Restructure Game directory so class files properly named and in proper directories
So thats the list. There still may be cutting ahead, or I may add stuff back in. So far the pace is pretty good but I take things a week at a time.

So far so good.

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  1. This has been a great read. I love hearing how your process has unfolded. Looking forward to playing your games


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