Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cutting and Polishing

Had to delay on the show and tell as the build has been pretty screwed up all week. Like I stated earlier, I do a bunch of work and I have to redo various parts and reorganize things properly. Again it's a byproduct of learning AS3 and the proper way to do things. In the end it works better, but it means that systems that should have been simple and did work, tend to get much more complicated and have to be redone to work well.

So whats ended up happening is that I've reached a point where I had to decide to include all the elements I thought would make a decent game, but likely not get them all done on time, or at least done well. Or whittle things down to the bare minimum and get it polished, and then given time add on extras. After playing a flash game called gemcraft labyrinth I've been reminded how important polish is. So I've cut the number of enemies down to 2, the number of weapons to 1. There's no plans for doors or re-enforcing holes etc. It's very bare bones.

Game ideas are literally "diamonds in the rough". You have to cut and polish them properly for them to shine.

But I'll add things back in given time. And with only a month of development time to work on this "proof of concept". I've definitely made the right choice.

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