Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beta Release?

After spending a month to learn action script 3, I spent another month to create this:

Keep clicking until you get to the main menu

Now if you look at this and go, well thats not too great, I'd tend to agree, but under the context of how much was done with what knowledge and what time, I'd say it's pretty impressive.

So here's the thing. I've committed to doing this in a month's time. I stand fast to my deadlines. This will certainly look much better after a week, but will it look up to the quality that I'm hoping for? No.

That said, I have learned a lot though, I'm going to be talking to my advisors about this in this coming week. There will be a lot of changes. I will likely keep updating the build as it goes through the week. I do appreciate the feedback.

Note, playing this should give you a vague idea of what the game is like. Whatever idea you form now I want you to keep, write down, heck even in the comments. I'd like to show you how this can turn into a completed game.


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