Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week Overview Pt 2 - Infrastructure

So I'm running a little behind. While I pride myself on trying to get things done on time, I'm encountering an obscene number of troubles today. And it always boils down to one thing:


Just as in real life, the more solid the foundation is, the smoother things run. So the lesson for me for today is to work on the infrastructure. And I'd like to get to bed on time tonight honestly.

Some of it is in flash. I just don't know enough things that certain things just hang me. Although I'm getting faster, I do get tired of these snags. They simply drain away time. So I wanted to give a more or less complete game, not fun, not fancy, but more or less complete. I won't be doing that. I'm out of time for this mini project. So I'll put up the broken bits I do have a bit later. This next week I have to get on to the newer version of flash with action script 3.

The other major snag is that I have to host the flash somewhere. I had forgotten that blogger doesn't exactly host. I'll figure that out too.

I'm just glad these things are happening now. It's so much more costly to have this stuff happen later. And I do plan to have, and post enough games that at least all the major sticking points are out of the way.

So I'll post again in a bit when I get this beast up.

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