Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week Overview Pt 1

So every week (especially when I'm working on my own) I make it a point to look over what I did for that week. And ask myself some questions;

  • "Did I make my goals this week?"
  • "If not, did I over/under commit?"
  • "What can I do for this next week that will improve things?"
  • "Has what I done been getting me closer to my overall goal?"

Then I plan out the next week, within the time schedule that I've already done. I can slip dates a little, or push things slightly. But the hard core dates I have to stick to. It's been surprisingly busy over the last couple of days. So for right now, I'll talk about that last question:

"Has what I done been getting me closer to my overall goal?"

I have to say for the past week, yes. I have a very bare bones tower defense game. (I'll put that up tomorrow.) So the goal of learning flash is indeed fast. I've had to alter plans slightly with regard to getting flash 5 sooner because of action script 3. And during this time I've even been able to make some headway with some good monetization ideas.

Tomorrow I'll post the proof of concept game tower defense game. And for the next week I'll be working on a side scroller proof of concept. I expect on the whole we'll both see my work improve over the next few weeks.

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