Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 2 Show and Tell

So the base interface work for week 2 is up. And although there's no game, this is still just the learning phase. That said, it looks a lot better than week one. Pretty good considering I was starting from scratch with action script 3 at the beginning of the week

There's some last minute bugs I didn't have a chance to squish:
  • If you get caught at the loader screen where it says to click to continue and you can't, just reload the page (press F5) It should work after that.
  • If it says to click on the ground, you have to click on the ground. Which means clicking a 2nd time if you hit the dialog box instead.
  • The pause menu will come up if you quit out of game and lose focus. And for now you'll be stuck.
Should be embedded down below:

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