Friday, June 3, 2011

Upgrading Flash Sooner

So I've been working on Flash for about a week now. And I do have the bare framework for a tower defense game going right now. (I'll likely publish it on Sunday to show progress.) But there's been silly little things that have been wasting time. The publishing thing was one. Then was syntax problems and how to do things properly. So things slowed down and now fortunately they are back up again. As frustrating as they are, little hiccups, slowdowns etc. are a part of life. You just have to keep pressing on.

The thing is I'm doing all this in action script 2. Action script 3 has been out since 2007, and they are even talking about action script 4. Also there is this.

From this site here.

So in general I should be upgrading. And since THIS is the month I've devoted to learning. I've decided I'll upgrade at the end of this week. A little sooner than I would have liked but this 6 month timeline is tight and I have to be sure I'm doing everything I can to stay on track.

Game Pitch Documents

Oh and I don't know if I mentioned it before, but a VFS colleague of mine, Brian Vidovic pointed out a great site for game pitch documents: It's so hard to find any sort of game design document examples. Personally I think pitch document should essentially be a double sided game version of a marketing flyer. In other words, lots of graphics and color to bring the idea to life and promote it. You want enough text on there to give the very basic idea and selling points. It's to wet an appetite for more information. Just be sure you have a good initial design doc to forward after. All in all (and in my opinion) the pitch document should look something like this:

Other Links

Finally I've been surfing lots of flash sites, but I've found this one of the best. Especially the tutorial on trigonometry.

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