Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two things for next week

So I'm still coding and still going over progress for this last week. There's two things that stand out lacking this week:

Working with Others

I cannot do this alone. Not because I'm not capable. But to improve myself I have to be able to improve the work I do with others.

Specifically right now, I need to actively source out an artist.

I'm barely passable with art, and it simply takes me too long to be "barely passable." So when looking for an artist I'll be looking for these things:

  • Reliability - I need someone who can commit to deadlines and bring the work in on time as expected. At worst they need to be at least fairly reliable.
  • Communication - The person will be able to produce what I'm expecting. And they'll be able to share limitations or pitfalls along the way. Communication is a two way street. So I need to pick up any slack here too.
  • Talent Range - Their style and range of talents is just where I need it. Likely cover art, and tile art for now.
  • Cost - I need to able to work out something where I can afford the work this person does. This is no easy feat asking for those other items. I'll have to find the best I can within what I can afford.
Later I'll be looking for other fields. Luckily I also have Jinnee (my wife) who can help me with some of the sound effects. I may need a composer later. We'll see.

Financial Awareness

It's not like I'm going broke. But my major goal has to do with earning enough money to stay afloat. Considering thats the whole meta-goal for this project, I have to be focusing a bit more on the money side of things.

In particular I have to get any cash models for payment working. And as stated before I have to continually refine them to be as low on the "pester" margin as possible.

I also have to look for other assignments and what I can do in the time I have.

And finally I have to spend some time over the next few weekends to make sure my savings and investments are doing the best they can.

As a game designer I hate putting more focus on profit models/features than fun gameplay. But as a guy who has to eat and still make games, it's fantastically necessary for me to make sure I can... live and eat.

And with indie games, until you break a certain threshold this is a lot higher than you think.

Anything Missing?

Notice flash knowledge wasn't on the list. The reason is although it's slower than anticipated, I've got all my bases covered, and I'm working at it as decently and efficiently as I can. The things that concern me, are unaddressed issues. Those can be real risks going forward. The things I push and improve each day are improving. And I'm satisfied with that.

As George S Patton once said:

"If a man does his best, what else is there?"

Well there is better next time. But don't beat yourself up for your personal best if found still lacking this time.

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