Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Self Optimization

So yesterday I said I was considering working on the game framework instead of making a side-scroller. I've decided today. I'm definitely working on the framework. So any sort of game prototype will have to wait. Which works just fine for me. It paints the framework I'll need anyway. On that note I got a lot done. Functioning preloader, title, splash, and some good framework for the main menu, as well as gameplay screens, and even some base save/load functionality.

So yeah today was productive.

I've also come up with some good brainstorming for the mini game as well as the larger one. Come this weekend I will start working on a pitch document for it. I'm not going to announce the ideas on this blog until the development starts. (In about 2 more weeks) For lots of reasons but mostly because a lot of things have to be ironed out between now and then, and I have to scope out what I can do. I'm sure you'll get some hints up before then.

Last I've decided to scale back the blogging to about half the normal rate. So about one post on the weekend, and 2-3 during the week. It helps be reclaim a bit of time, but I would like to blog when something that would interest YOU happens. Not the "I vacuumed the carpet again" posts. :-)

So next post is Thursday or Friday.

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