Thursday, June 23, 2011

Revisiting this Weeks List

So I posted a list at the beginning of the week, and it wasn't exactly accurate. I'm not taking things off, but you say you'll put in "character attacking" for example. That means a lot of things you didn't think of. Like, characters have to have Hit Points. Their attacks have to have some collision detection, etc etc. A lot of subsystems I had forgotten about.

It's not too bad and I haven't taken anything off this list but time has gone by fast! And there's always other things too, anniversary with my wife on Tuesday, and feeling a bit sick last night. Either way though I haven't taken anything off the list, just blown it out to make more sense.

So here's where I'm currently at.

Game Controls
  • Smooth Game Movement 100%
  • Mouse movement - 100%
Animation Pass 1
  • "Running" Animation - 20%
  • Attacking Animation 1-3 weapons - 15%
  • Running Toward hero
  • Attack Hero
  • Can be killed
  • Run into weapon to obtain it
  • Item Collision
Everything looks fairly on track with the exception of pickups. I should do a semi proper collision system if I intend on doing it. But maybe I'll hack something together. We'll see.

Game controls I'm constantly reminded are not only some of the hardest and longest things to code, but take numerous revisions to code properly. And believe me, they absolutely have to be done well. Players notice bad controls immediately.

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