Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reclaimate Prototype 1

I've gone down a little on updates as even those I talk to frequently aren't able to keep up. I assure you, I am still working hard. I'll try around 3 posts a week for now.

So the goal for this week was to have the system in a "workable state" where you could play the game and generally see what needed to be added or expanded onto.

At the end of the week it should be playable, but not really in a working state. I'll likely show some screenshots. The problem is arising that I am making this game with the intention of recycling the subsystems for the next game. So any new feature quickly becomes a whole new system. Coupled with the fact I'm still relatively "new" to flash and it ends up with a lot of time planning out how to code a feature, look up smarter ways other have done it, and design a subsystem that will at least somewhat work later on.

Ahh collision, thats another subsystem... And so is AI.

In other words its going a lot slower than I'd like. This means pearing down features as much as possible. I'll likely have to do art for this entire thing at this point. So by the end of this week I hope to have:

  • Monster and Players able to attack each other
  • Wall Collision working for players and monsters
  • Run up and hit AI for monsters working (no actual pathfinding yet, they get stuck easily)
  • A super basic map to represent the game.

What is missing is a lot of the basic subtleties people expect with a game. And thats a lot of stuff. It's honestly all these little things that make the game good. These tiny and painstaking features that give you a deeper experience.

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