Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pitch for Aug 1st Game

Short Version
If you just want to see the pitch document, scroll right to the bottom and click the link.

Longer Version
I'll admit, the weekend is haphazard when it comes to getting work done. This whole week on the whole has been GOOD for work. I got a tile based textured environment working, a bunch new interfaces. I restructured a LOT of code so it works both more efficiently and is a lot cleaner for me. Honestly it's starting to look really cool now.

That said, I won't be showing you a flash demo of the game today.

Why? Because after getting a lot of this work done, I had to look back at things on Friday and ask. "Did this get me closer to my larger goal?" Meaning, was I working as efficiently as possible to learn or implement what I needed for my first game? Well I had some details laid down for the game, but I had to go back and look at them. While I did I may as well formulate that pitch document I mentioned earlier. So I finished a draft of the document and tweaked what I was doing.

Even though this is the last week of my "learning flash" phase, I did want to get some work done for the first game. I believe that's important because ideally I would like the very basic prototype of the games gameplay to be done in the first week of development. That would leave 3 weeks to tweak gameplay and make the game more presentable. Thats how much time it should have to ensure it is fun.

  • It should take 10% of the time to build a version of the game that "works". (Prototype)
  • And 90% of the time to finish it.

That should tell you how much work is involved with finishing a project. What involved with finishing it will fill the next 4 weeks of blogs. But to get that first 10% you need that game playable from start to finish and all the basic core concepts you want in. It doesn't have to be super fun, it just sort of has to work from start to finish. Thats it.

This document isn't something I'd feel great about showing as a pitch. Honestly for a 1-3 person team for a game you need no money for and will take you a month to complete you don't really need a pitch document.

I had a hard time conveying it with the pictures but gameplay is supposed to feel more "Super Ghouls and Ghosts" (a fun and action packed romp) rather than survival horror.

The link below contains the pitch document for "Reclaimation". It's all draft so most of it can change (even the name). Feel free to leave any comments.

Click here for the PDF.

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