Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday - Where am I at?

So it's been a good week now of delving into AS3 and at the end of this weekend I will have reached the half way mark as far as my learning period is concerned. I've changed course earlier on in this week and instead of doing a side scroller I was going to work on a template for games. And it's definitely coming along. I'll likely show something to you on Sunday.

I do have to say though, parts of the learning are going a lot slower than expected. For one, in many ways I was back to week one with learning the newest version of actionscript. And just today I was talking to people telling that the way I was doing things was not the best way to do it. So somedays it feels like:

But thats the way things go.

It's the fits and starts in the beginning with learning anything new that is likely the most frustrating. When you reach a certain level of mastery in a skill you are able to do pretty much anything the skill can entail. The stuff you don't know as well, you can bridge with the other stuff you do know. But I'm not quite there yet.

For me I am seeing progress every single day. But some days are really slow. The good news is my ability to estimate resources and time is dramatically improving. As am I.

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