Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Prototype

I was initially designing for Kongregate. Which means that the screen can be a fair bit wider. This has in turn made it too wide to play directly on the blog so below is an external link.

Click here to play it. (F5 on browser to reset)

This should not impress you. And if you aren't impressed it's for all the right reasons. It isn't really a game. There's nothing to it, it's buggy, it's not fun, the graphics are horrible. etc etc.

Luckily it wasn't made to impress you. But it does impress me, and here's why. This last week I learned a lot. Especially today. Not just how to structure programming for these projects, but how to get all the basic ingredients there. The most frustrating times I learned the most. Today I learned a lot of what I need to get my pipeline running smoothly.

If you are wondering when you'll see a game here that will be fun to play... Check my calendar again. And that day would be August 1st. Thats the first day with a fairly respectable game.

Until then it's show and tell. And I'm proud to put my crayon drawing up on the fridge. Not JUST because this is where people start, but mostly because this is where I see most people stop. I see others all the time look at their first work, discover that they don't have initial raw talent of a child prodigy and give up.

It's interesting to see where things begin. Next week a side scroller.

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