Thursday, May 26, 2011

And on the 2nd day...

First off, this blog serves a number of purposes;

  1. Update on well-being. - I have friends, family and more who, after hearing I've been laid off, are eager to know I'm fine. So first off this blog serves as a bit of piece of mind for them.
  2. Trials of Indy publishing - This is why this blog is important to me. This is an opportunity for others to not just follow but learn what has worked, and what hasn't worked for me. So I get to be the guinea pig, and you get to watch. Pretty sweet deal for you right? Putting too much transparency in stuff like this stuff will likely bite me in the butt. But I still think the overall value is worth it.

For short time being, I'll be posting stuff nearly every day. And after a while I'll likely move to only posting weekly.

So what is the current plan?

I'm splitting my time up with two specific ventures, the solo plan and the group plan.

Solo Plan - In my free time (of which for now I will have a lot) I will be scoping out costs of developing on different systems. Re-learning flash (it's been a while), and likely pumping out a simple game in a month or so. The goal here is to simply scope out how easy/difficult, fast/hard it is to produce something simple. It also allows me to scratch that creative itch.

Group Plan - The priority on my time is to talk to people and see who is interested in working on a small project together. This first one will have to be non profit. After that, we'll see. The one mistake I've made in the past is underestimating and undervaluing how powerful people are when they get together to work on something.

Oh and since people have asked "Indy Alpha" is not the name of my company or a group or anything like that. It's simply the name of this blog.

To show you how fast even a single person who is both knowledgeable and dedicated can make a game, check out this time lapse of a game made from scratch in 2 days.

And here's the finished game

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